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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic welding of non woven in vacuum cleaner bags production

In our new daily life vacuum cleaners are widely used as small household appliances.  In vacuum cleaners there is a vacuum motor and it takes the dust into the vacuum cleaner bag. After using the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner bag becomes full of dust and dirty materials. The user should empty the vacuum cleaner bag or replace it. Nowadays people prefer to replace the bags so in the spare part market, there is a demand for these bags. This condition increases the vacuum cleaner bag production.

In vacuum cleaner bag production, there are 3 types of Ultrasonic welding stations. First Ultrasonic welding station, makes the welding of 2 layers non woven. Second one is for side welding with circular teeth and Ultrasonic sonotrode under it. Third one is for Ultrasonic welding of plastic ton on woven. Ultrasonic generator, Ultrasonic convertor and titanium sonotrode are also used in the application.