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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Car and Truck Trailer Lamps

In automotive industry thermoplastic parts are sealed into each other by ultrasound technology. Car and truck tailer lamps are made of ABS and PC. These kind of materials are bonded under ultrasonic welding machine in a a few seconds. Sonikel develops and produces customised special machines for joining and punching individual components for the exteriors and interiors. Some of the ultrasonic welding and cutting applications are; punching holes in bumpers, with gluing or welding of dog clips, for parking sensors, headlight cleaning systems, side markers and tow bars. Ultrasonic welding of wheel arch panels, underbody linings or headlight glass. Surface welding of natural fibre fleece to load floor panels. Ultrasonic cutting and welding of filter fleece on plastic mandrels of variable diameters and lengths, ultrasonic Welding air ducts, ultrasonic welding and punching door panels.