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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Sealing of Fuel Pumps Sockets

In automotive industry, fuel pump sockets are welded by ultrasonic welding technology. For air proof and water proof welding, ultrasonic technology has many advantages compared with chemical sealants. Ultrasonic welding time is nearly 1 second. This makes a big benefit for production efficiency. Ultrasonic generator, Ultrasonic convertor and ultrasonic horn, sonotrode creates the Ultrasonic welding system. Ultrasonic generator can be started by PLC of the machine.

According to the machine speed, the pressure level and distance between sonotrode and roller can be adjusted manually.

Sonikel Ultrasonics focuses supplying long-term operating Ultrasonic welding system without stopping the running Production.

Sonikel has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10002 System Certificates. Sonikel products have CE Certification with all LVD test reports.