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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Plastic Perfume Bottle Ultrasonic Welding and Pressure Test System

In cosmetics industry, plastic bottles made of PP can be welded by Ultrasonic technology. Sometimes it has been called “casette parfume” or “pocket parfume” These type of parfumes are very light, small and easy to carry. So cosmetics industry liked this model. Ultrasonic welding machine solves the welding issue as very fast and clearly. The welding should be waterproof and there should be no leakage. Sonikel Ultrasonics, presents one more solution to this important question. Sonikel has designed a special pressure test machine just to see if there is any leakage or not in the plastic bottle. If needed, this leakage test system with pressure can convert into a turn table. By using leakage test machine, before filling the bottles, defected parts are rejected easily so this machine helps saving cost.

All ultrasonic auotmation systems and ultrasonic welding machines have CE Certification and company Works according to ISO 9001 standarts.