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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Food Slicer for Cake with Cream

Cake dough is cut in lines with circular blades after it is cooked. Cream is wiped on on the dough at the bottom. Then the second layer of  the cake dough has been put on the other one. Now it is time to cut in the length desired. At this point, there are 2 alternatives. One is traditional blade and the other option is Ultrasonic food slicer with titanium blade. When the cake has cream inside, the unique option is Ultrasonic cutting due to cream adhesion. When the normal blade goes into the cake, the cream sticks to the blade and after 100 pcs, the cream becomes hard on the blade. In the next cuttings, slices the outside is deformed. In order to prevent this sticky cream, Ultrasonic vibrations are used. Becasue Ultrasonic blade is vibrating while it is slicing so the cream can not stick to the Ultrasonic vibrating blade. As the Ultrasonic blade is made of titanium, it is also suitable for food industry.