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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Seat Belt Buckle

Ultrasonic method is used quite frequently for plastic welding in the automotive industry. Especially as the production of military vehicles becomes widespread in our country, special type designs are needed. Sonikel Ultrasonic is in close cooperation with companies that make special designs for the defense industry. It provides all kinds of support regarding ultrasonic welding technology from the design stage of the product to the production line. In this project, a special type of seat belt buckle welding was performed. The energy director, which is the determinant of ultrasonic welding strength, has been specially studied.

Sonikel Ultrasonic makes a special effort to customize the welding machines used in the defense and aerospace industry and make them suitable for use in the industry. It also fills a big gap in the sector by providing trainings on Ultrasonic Welding.