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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Packaging Line of Carpet Roll

Sonikel Ultrasonics, supplies ultrasonic equipments to machinery manufacturers for Automatic Carpet Roll Packing Machine.
Ultrasonic Packing Line is designed to pack carpet rolls in vacuum and automatic way. The carpet rolls are transported by the Inlet Conveyor to the Main Packing Unit for both width and side sealing through a polythene film by ultrasonic welding.

The width and diameter of the incoming rolls are detected by the sensitive photoelectric sensors and optical fibers so as to ensure there will be no polythene film wastage during packing. By the way, the ultrasonic welding time is depending on the diameter of the incoming rolls.

Ultrasonic welding technology, is commonly preferred for carpet roll packing lines. Sonikel Ultrasonics, focuses on high efficient ultrasonic welding solutions.

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Photos for Ultrasonic Application: