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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Welding of Sport Shoes and Sneaker Cleaner

Ultrasonic Welding of Sport Shoes and Sneaker Cleaner

Running outside can be tough on your shoes. They'll face the wear and tear of mud puddles, dirt roads and pavement. Some simple maintenance can get out grass stains and scuffs, and keep your shoes looking fresh, even when they're worn. You need to be careful cleaning your shoes, but proper care and a good cleaning can restore your shoes and protect your investment. This kind of sneaker cleaner consists of cleaning chemical and a plastic cover with valve and foam. In order to provide a waterproof welding between plastic cover and its valve, you need ultrasonic welding machine with a proper sonotrode made of titanium or aluminum.

Ultrasonic welding of sport shoes valve to plastic cover is a very short process if you use ultrasound technology. The ultrasonic welding time can be below 1 second. Sonikel Ultrasonics, designs and manufactures ultrasonic welding machines and ultrasonic automation systems for sport shoes and sneaker cleaners.

Sonikel Ultrasonics focuses supplying long-term operating Ultrasonic welding system without stopping the running Production. Sonikel has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10002 System Certificates. Sonikel products have CE Certification with all LVD test reports.