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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Cut and Seal Machine for Fabrics in Textile Industry

Ultrasonic welding and cutting technology makes occupational health better. Especially fabrics cutting with heated – hot - wire makes smoke and small particules into the working environment. This affects occupational health negatively. Sonikel Ultrasonics, provides an effective way to cut the fabrics by ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound cutting method does not give any smoke or any particules into the environment so ultrasonic cutting is a green technology. This simplifies a lot of process in textile industry. When the fabrics are cut by hot wire, the edges become hard so when they touch to the person skin, the feeling is not good. If the fabrics are cut by ultrasonic, the edges are very soft and do not disturb the skin. When ultrasonic technology is used to cut and seal, the edges are very smooth and when the fabric goes to the digital printing machine, it can be painted very well, especially the edges.