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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Welder for Electronic Device Enclosures

Electronic devices are sent to the customers in a plastic enclosures. These enclosures should not be opened by unaouthorized people so they should be sealed. This process needs very little t oto increased the Production effciciency. If used chemical, it need time to be dried. So Ultrasonic welding is used in this application. The welding time is nearly one second. Sonikel Ultrasonics, designs and manufactures Ultrasonic welding machine, Ultrasonic plastic welder and their equipment. The frequencies which machines operate are 15kHz, 20kHz and 30kHz, power range is between 400 Watt and 3.200 Watt. Ultrasonic sonotrode design is also achieved by R&D team of Sonikel with experienced engineers. Ultrasonic sonotrodes are produced by steel, aluminum and titanium.