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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Cut & Seal

Ultrasonic Cut & Seal

Ultrasonic cutting technology is used in textile and fabric cutting applications. One of them is to slite liner in textile industry. The ultrasonic slicer makes cutting and welding at the same time by using ultrasonic sonotrode and roller under it. The advantage of ultrasonic cut and seal technology is speed and no fringing on the edge of the fabrics. This is very important at textile industry because, if there is no fringing on the textile labels and fabrics, they can be immediately used in prodcution line. This supports prodcution efficieny.

Sonikel Ultrasonics in Turkey, provides innovative solutions to textile industry by ultrasonic cut and seal technolgy and ultrasonic automation systems. All ultrasonic auotmation systems and ultrasonic welding machines have CE Certification and company Works according to ISO 9001 standarts.