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ULTRASONIC WELDING / Ultrasonic Staking – Thermoplastic Staking

In manufacturing products with thermoplastic components, it is often necessary to join a thermoplastic to a part of dissimilar material, whether it can be metal, a dissimilar plastic, or other material. Ultrasonic staking, also referred to as ultrasonic “heat staking” or “riveting,” the controlled flow of the molten plastic is used to capture or retain another component, usually of a different material, in place. Ultrasonic staking provides an alternative to welding when the two parts consist either of dissimilar materials which cannot be welded, or when simple mechanical retention of one part relative to another is adequate (i.e. as distinct from molecular bonding).  Sonikel Ultrasonics provides solution to this kind of “ultrasonic staking” for different materials or the same materials. According to the geometry of the plastic part, Sonikel designs and manufactures the sonotrode tips. In some applications there are 6 tips and sonotrode material is titanium or steel.